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Discussions Discussion Food & hunger
Catherine C- USA, Nov. 26, 2011

When you think about it, we waste so much food. Food gets thrown away as if it is trash in homes all over the country. If we donated that food to the people that need it, we could be saving so many lives. Some services are offered to pick up your unused food. I beleieve that more of these services should be offered! That would be one step closer to ending world hunger!

Catherine C- USA
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  • Ally W-United States Ally W-United States Nov. 26, 2011
    I agree with you. So much food is wasted every day that should not be wasted. If people saved extra food than many lives could possibly be saved. A good idea to help with ending hunger is to have a food drive. Also there are local ways to help such as soup kitchens and food banks.
  • Catherine C- USA Catherine C- USA Nov. 27, 2011
    Great idea Ally W! There should be lots of food drives at my school! I should get that started!

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Catherine C- USA

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