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Bruno Fernandez, May 3, 2012

Hello everyone! I usually use public transportation to go almost everywhere, as we have no car at home. I use to go to downtown, and the school also is five miles from my house. And to go training, I have to take two buses, or sometimes I bike, it takes me almost half the time in coming. But I can not always use it for the climate time. The bus stop is near my house, so it is quite comfortable. But normally takes 20 minutes to pass each bus, which is quite long, so if you miss the bus miss much time. Also for the morning is usually filled, this makes it take longer to reach my destination. I would like to be more frequent buses.

Bruno Fernandez
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  • AnyaA Seattle, WA AnyaA Seattle, WA May 3, 2012
    That's really amazing that you use public transportation that much. I try to bus as much as I can as I can't drive, but I do get car rides from family members a lot aswell. I'd love to bike or bus more, but i live in the bottom of a hill which doesn't help because to leave you have to walk/bike/drive up it.
  • Rawan El Masry Rawan El Masry May 5, 2012
    Dear Bruno Fernandez, using your bike as your way of transportation is a very healthy way of transporting from places. Using public transportation is the same as car pooling, which is very helpful to our society and helps reduce our carbon footprint. However we can't control the weather and sometimes it's okay to use the public bus because desperate times call for desperate measures. You're doing a great job helping the enviorment.
  • Klara Westby Klara Westby Oct. 5, 2012
    Hello Bruuuno! I also take the way everywhere I go because I'm not old enough to have a car. We here in Sweden have the same problems in Sweden with the amount of people going to and from work. Though if we have buses that comes more frequently then it would be more Co2 that goes into the atmosphere. It would then be a lot of people that would take the bus instead of the car. I my city that would not happen because it takes about an hour more to go by bus/train then to take the car. That's time that many people don't have.

    But keep up the good work!!

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Bruno Fernandez

United States

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