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Aukse B-Lithuania, Feb. 27, 2012

Hy. ;} My name is Aukse and I think, every day, more, we listen stories about how our planet is dangerous. Some animals and plants are becoming extinct very fast. Many factories is in our country. I know that they are important for our life, but we need to look how they make our life dangerous. But when I took my footprint, I was really shocked and surprised, because it was much higher nor i judicious. I understand that changes are necessary. I’m really trying to cut back on spending as well and my family has already replaced more than half of the LED bulbs. Which saves electricity. I know that’s not much but that’s a good beginning.Each started from such things can help a lot. Each of us thought it should be. Good luck to you . Bye. :))

Aukse B-Lithuania
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  • Nouran Mohamed Nouran Mohamed May 5, 2012
    Hi Auske I agree with you our planet is facing alot of problems now and now came our time to try to protect it. Using the LED bulbs is a very intersting idea to decrease the amount of CF. Also, we could start on recycling the unused papers and bottles etc. to decrease the amount of Carbon. :)
  • Youssef El Ghazzawy Youssef El Ghazzawy May 5, 2012
    I can not agree more to your ideas, even though i do not believe that any of us, will actually care. I apologize if i am having a wrong pre-impression of you, but i think to most of us that is no more than just a project. I hope that those goals are set to be made not to be broken.

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Aukse B-Lithuania

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