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AnyaA Seattle, WA, May 3, 2012

I’ve seen today that a lot of people seem to not care what food their eating and where it comes from. I usually eat organic things because it’s whats in my house and it’s grown locally and it’s a pretty reliable source. I belive the biggest factor in people eating unhealthily and other foods not necissarily the best for you is because it’s what is cheap and affordable for many people and has a good taste to many people. But I hope that it’ll change for local farmers and organic will become more popular.

AnyaA Seattle, WA
Comments (3)
  • Dash E-seattle, WA Dash E-seattle, WA May 3, 2012
  • Dina El Sharkawy Dina El Sharkawy May 5, 2012
    I agree with you, i think organic people is way more better and more healthy, yes i also agree with you Dash, GO ORGANIC!
  • Stephanie A-USA Stephanie A-USA Oct. 1, 2012
    I definitely agree that a big factor in unhealthy eating is the convenience of the food. My parents are always busy and don't cook, so we eat out all the time, it's horrible, but it's difficult to avoid. Not a lot of places have convenient healthy food. I hope that changes.

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AnyaA Seattle, WA

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