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Ana A-Croatia, May 16, 2012

Hello everyone!

After I got results of the carbon footprint survey I realized that everything we do affects the environment around us and that we must act quickly if we want to reduce the negative impact of our daily routines!

I remember that I took a walk with my mother as a child. I threw a piece of paper on a meadow and she picked it up and told me not do it again. I asked her what difference that paper makes. And she answered me: “Can you imagine what would happen if every person in the world thought like you? And now I am scared even to think about such a possibility. We must constantly remind us to reduce, reuse, recycle or upcycle!

We shouldn’t forget to turn the lights, computer and TV off if we don’t need them. And of course those 3 minutes of running water while we are brushing our teeth mean a lot! We could all do something – we can say no to plastic bags and use cloth grocery bags, at least. We should think green. We only need goodwill! :)

(Here is an interesting story about an unusual chandelier in the White House:

http://www.mediaclubsouthafrica.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1306:obamas-trashy-treasures-from-sa-&catid=42:land_news&Itemid=110 )
Ana A-Croatia
Comments (3)
  • Lucija L-Croatia Lucija L-Croatia May 24, 2012
    Well done Ana :)
  • Ana A-Croatia Ana A-Croatia May 24, 2012
    oh, thank you Lucija :)
  • Felicia Smith Felicia Smith Oct. 2, 2012
    Hi Ana! i agree with you that we really have to understand that we all have to change, we can't just sit around and think that Others will do it for me or that “I'm just an ordinary citizen, what I do doesn't matter” Becuase it does!

    In sweden there is a saying that goes “många bäckar små” wich basicly means that all the small things you do will eventually lead into something greater. Like all the examples you mention, there not that big to make but if a lot of people do it/you change a lot of small things it will have a huge impact. GO green!

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Ana A-Croatia

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