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Ana A-Croatia, May 9, 2012

Hi everyone! My name is Ana and I am from Požega, a small peaceful town in Croatia. I am seventeen years old and it’s the right age to start thinking more about enviromental problems and to try to do something to protect our planet. I have joined this project hoping to learn something useful and interesting and it has turned out that I really enjoy reading your posts! I am really surprised with the number of your messages and your dedication to improve your lifestyle and become more environmentaly-friendly!

My footprint is almost the same as the footprint of the average person in my region. Thanks to the carbon calculator and your posts I have found out that small changes in our everyday life can make quite a big difference. I am pleased with that and I’ll join you in your effort to become more responsible. I’ll try to take more care about recycling and composting. I’ll try to spare water and electricity, too. I also agree that it’s a good idea to eat more organic and locally grown food and less meat in order to become healthier and to lower the carbon footprint. I can even try to teach some of my friends about the importance of safegurding the environment. I am really glad I am here and look forward to your comments. :)

Ana A-Croatia

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Ana A-Croatia

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