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Aja T-Slovenia, May 9, 2012

Hey, my name is Aja Trebec and I’m from Dutovlje, a village near Sežana in Slovenia. I go to gymnasium in Sežana, so I have to take public transport to get to. One day, our school teacher told us to participate in this CO2 Footprint Challenge, hoping that we would learn about how much CO2 we produce and to aware us about those serious problems of world pollution.
My footprint is under the footprint average of my country, because the footprint average in Slovenia is 7362 kg, but my is 3618 kg per year. And I’m actually happy that it’s lower, because we should think about getting more responsible and save our planet.
For transportation I produce 1771 kg of CO2 per year, which is 603 kg less of the average person of my country. But I think I could take more public transport to get to Koper (where I train dance) and sometimes I should go to my final destination walking, running or cycling.
At home, we recycle 95% of our trash and we put it into different bins. Each one has a different colour - for example: we put all the paper into a red bin, etc.. We also compost organic food to get more land for our garden, where we produce different sorts of vegetables. However, it would be nice to save water, too. We should eat more vegetables and fruits that are locally producted and less meat to become healthier.
I think, that the problem of buying too much things that we even don’t need is getting bigger and bigger. A lot of people spend their money for clothes, accessories and other non-use things, which they like for about half a year and then, they throw them away, not knowing how much CO2 they produce.

I’m looking foward to change my way of transportation and help to not produce too much CO2. :)

Aja T-Slovenia

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Aja T-Slovenia

Šolski center Srečka Kosovela Sežana

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