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Ahmed Weheiba, May 6, 2012

Hey my name is Ahmed Weheiba I go to the american international school of egypt. I am in 9th grade. I was asked to figure out my carbon foot print using a special cite online. this was my first step to get here.
I though that my country was okay with there Carbon foot print scores, but then i realized that it was different when i first got to know my score. i felt ashamed that it was too high were I can influence my country negatively. I personally think that what we are all doing now to save earth is the first step throw success. My country foot print is low were it stood at 4000 to 5000. this was opposite than mine were it came at 20000+. This was when I first realized i had to stop that bad effect on earth. My highest were purchases and food. i know i can decrease both easily. I can simply start using the recyclable bags instead of the plastic ones. On the other hand I can use the recycle on the food i eat daily. i can also turn into a vegetarian were i can decrease the meat I eat daily. Then I will be using bigger plastic bags were they last longer instead of getting small ones that are used every 6 hour a day. Thanks :))))

Ahmed Weheiba

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Ahmed Weheiba

american international school

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