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Ahmed Sorour, May 5, 2012

Hey, my name Ahmed Sorour , I am from Cairo, Egypt and I attend the American International School in Egypt (AISE).
A few days ago I was introduced to a Co^2 calculator. I was really interested in finding my Co^2 average. After looking at my country’s average (which was around 4000-5000) then looking at my own average, I was absolutely shocked. My co^2 average was WAY more than my country’s average, my average was 20,000k +. After looking at the results, I noticed that most of the co^2 came from Transportation and Home. It is true that I travel a lot daily and consume too much energy at home.
It is also true that sometimes i get forgetful and forget to turn off the lights when I leave my room, including forgetting to turn off my fan, and AC.
I will attempt to prevent myself from being both forgetful and an over-user of energy at my home.

Ahmed Sorour
Comments (2)
  • Ibrahim Zaki Ibrahim Zaki May 5, 2012
    I think you mean 20k, 20,000k would be 20 million.
  • Eyoab Tibbo Eyoab Tibbo May 5, 2012
    no he actually means 20,000kg since its per a year thats how much he puts and Carbon footprint is measured in KG but like he said most of them cam from transportation and home and its the same for me too!

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Ahmed Sorour

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