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Adham Zedan, May 6, 2012

Hi my name is Adham Zedan and I’m from Cairo, Egypt. I go to the American International School in Egypt I’m in 9th grade my carbon footprint was very high it was higher than an average egyptian citizen would have. I felt sorry for how much carbon dioxide i release to my beloved Earth. The most thing i use is electricity i let out a lot of energy only in my home. In home i use a lot of electricity to get light and charge my laptop, phone, etc. I use electricity also to heat my food and to cool my food in the fridge also. I have a lot of light bulbs maybe more than 200 in home because we need light to see each other and know our way to walk, of course i use this everyday in my life, but Im not aware how it hurts my planet.When i completed the whole survey the 50 questions i realized how im not an average egyptian citizen at all im way higher in releasing Carbon Dioxide. I will close all my lights after i leave from home i will try to close the lights whenever im not using them. I will be more careful with the water and when im brushing my teeth i will close them until i want to use it. I will also ride a public bus to save gasoline and will be more careful in my community and to save the planet. Thank You

Adham Zedan

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Adham Zedan

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