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Abdelaziz Hegazy, May 5, 2012

My name is Abdelaziz Hegazy I’m from the American International school in Egypt. I didn’t come here to greet myself, I came to talk about my above average CF. The main way I do that is by riding a car for 60 km everyday and this is an exceeding amount of CO2.What helps exceeding this is the traffic. Another way I tend to produce a lot of CO2 is by leaving the AC on for the whole day and keeping my laptop on standby when I don’t need it. Those may seem like small things but if its done by several people it may have a huge impact. What I’m learning by this survey is that I should start with myself and try to change the people around me. Actions I could take is by either closing the AC in unwanted time, as well as shutting down the laptop. For traffic I would recommend either taking public transportation or riding a bike.

Abdelaziz Hegazy

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Abdelaziz Hegazy

American International School Egypt

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