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Discussions Discussion Welcome to Einztein
ronald hillard, April 30, 2012

hi my name is ronald i go to north adams high school and i learned that my carbon footprint is lower than my states average and i am going to try to burn even less carbon dixode

ronald hillard
Comments (10)
  • shahd bahaa shahd bahaa May 4, 2012
    that is great from the begining that your cf is lower than average and its even greater that you are working on lowering it even more. the reason why is that you can substitute for someone who doesnt know about about his cf by balancing the cf of the you and the other people who dont reconize the problem and reduce the overall amount.good job and keep it up.
  • aly bahaa aly bahaa May 5, 2012
    hey Ronald this is aly im from Egypt i think its great that you want to reduce your carbon foot print even more.i was wondering what was your highest usage of co2 in.
  • ronald hillard ronald hillard May 8, 2012
    my highest usage is home
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Discussions Discussion Welcome to Einztein
Robbie McCormick, April 30, 2012

i thought that it was neat to see how my carbon footprint broke down into the categories.this makes it eaiser to see what parts of your life give off the most carbon.

Robbie McCormick
Comments (10)
  • Seif Sherif Seif Sherif May 5, 2012
    Yeah i agree, and i like that you can go back and change answers and see how it affects your Carbon Footprint so it can give you ideas to lower your CO2 per year.
  • abdelhamid derawi abdelhamid derawi May 5, 2012
    I think that serfs idea is great. this can help improve all our attitude throughout life and how to improve our foot print :))
  • Ettie Ghattas Ettie Ghattas May 5, 2012
    I completely agree with you, the survey splitting into categories was very helpful and extremely interesting.
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Discussions Discussion Welcome to Einztein
Lucija L-Croatia, April 29, 2012

Hello everybody! I am new here. My name is Lucija and I am from Požega, a small and beautiful town in Croatia. I am sixteen years old and I attend the second grade of gymnasium. I have joined this project because of my English teacher. She is great and she encouraging us to learn English better. She teaches us how to cooperate with people all over the world and to respect and love you all J. We often talk about environmental problems, too and about different ways to help protect our planet.

I have found out that my footprint is almost the same as the footprint of the average person in Croatia. Thanks to the survey I have realised what I am doing wrong in everyday life. I’ll try to change some of my habits because I am spending too much electricity and water and I am not caring enough about recycling and composting. I am really glad that I can cooperate with you and I look forward to your comments. :)

Lucija L-Croatia
Comments (13)
  • Lucija L-Croatia Lucija L-Croatia May 4, 2012
    I agree with you Lindsay and thank you . Good luck you too. Hello Farah ,thank you very much ,it is a great compliment to me and I will listen to your advice.
  • abdelhamid derawi abdelhamid derawi May 5, 2012
    i agree but then u should also stop using water on all basses were you don't need that much water
  • Lucija L-Croatia Lucija L-Croatia May 10, 2012
    good advice ,thank you :)
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Discussions Discussion Welcome to Einztein
Kelsie Berry, April 27, 2012

Hello, my name is Kelsie Berry. I attend North Adams High School Seaman,OH. My Carbon Footprint told me that i mostly give off carbon at home, from heating an cooling during the seasons. Where do u mostly give off Carbon?? I would also like to know lots more ways to help reduce the amount of Carbon i give off every year.

Kelsie Berry
Comments (9)
  • aly bahaa aly bahaa May 5, 2012
    i give of most of my carbon in food due to that i play allot of sports. i think if you want to reduce your carbon usage you can use less lights u can also in winter use fire to warm up instead of heating if your building has a fire place and in summer only us cooling if it is really hot
  • Ahmed Sorour Ahmed Sorour May 5, 2012
    I give off carbon mostly in both transportation and at home. I'm used to charging my phone overnight, leaving my fan on for the whole day and more energy consuming things. I'm attempting to slow down my consumption of energy and lower my co^2 footprint.
    My hightest categories were also home energy and trasportation. because a most of the times i dont turn of my air conditioner and i watch alot of tv. i lived far away from my school so i need to use the bus the entire weak.
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Discussions Discussion Welcome to Einztein
Ivona K - Croatia, April 27, 2012

Hi everyone! :)
My name is Ivona Kovacevic. As you can see, I’m from Croatia. I attend the gymnasium (with modern languages) in Pozega. That is an old school that was built by Jesuits in the ancient 1699.
I have joined this project and singed up to Einztein because I like the fact that here we can learn how to protect the Earth and at the same time meet a lot of students from all parts of the world!
I have realised that my total footprint (5450 kg) is a little bit lower than that of the average person in Croatia (5736 kg), but higher than the average footprint of people all around the world (3791), which is both good news and bad news.
I think I’ll start changing my lifestyle by trying to spend less electricity and water than usual.

I am really looking forward to your comments and messages! ^^

Ivona K - Croatia
Comments (4)
  • Ivona K - Croatia Ivona K - Croatia May 2, 2012
    I also use to much water brushing my teeth, because I usually don't turn it off while I'm brushing them.
  • Cherine Mahmoud Cherine Mahmoud May 3, 2012
    Its good that yours is lower. Though a good way to reduce electricity and water is by making sure you turn off your lights when you go out, AC. For water you should always remember to turn it off when you brush your teeth (as you said in the previous comment) or small things like that.
  • aly bahaa aly bahaa May 5, 2012
    i think that is great and i think it is good that you are tring to reduce ure carbon footprint
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Discussions Discussion Welcome to Einztein
Kirsten Matthews, April 27, 2012

Hi! My name is…oh wait, you can see it at the beginning of my post. :P I attend North Adams High School. Im currently a sophomore. I recently took part in the ISCFC. I learned that the calculation of my carbon usage was lower than the average person in my area. I would like to know more about the Carbon Footprint Challenge.

Kirsten Matthews
Comments (11)
  • Kathrine Gregory Kathrine Gregory April 30, 2012
    I believe that to much carbon isn't healthy for the atmosphere,but about global warming i believe it is a cycle simular to our season just one that last for thousands of years,just my thoughts on global warming. :)
  • Allegra Q. Seatlle, WA USA Allegra Q. Seatlle, WA USA May 2, 2012
    I believe that carbon can be good but like the rest of you say too much can be bad for our environment.
  • Farah makhlouf Farah makhlouf May 4, 2012
    The Carbon Footprint Challenge is like a contest between students all over the world. This challenge measure the use of things in you life like for example the use of water, electricity, transportation, and so and so. According to you region, your footprint will be calculated as below average, or average, or high average.
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Discussions Discussion Welcome to Einztein
Jason Hodin, April 26, 2012

Hello and welcome to all International Student Carbon Footprint Challenge (ISCFC) participants!

It’s great to have you introduce yourselves, but I wanted to let those of you who are new to Einztein know that Einztein is full of hundreds of different discussion topics. This one is called “Welcome to Einztein,” and is for ALL Einztein members, not just ISCFC students.

To make a post that is most visible and relevant to the ISCFC go to this link:

That link takes you to the ISCFC Learning Group at Einztein. ISCFC participants should:
1) Join your Learning Group
2) Explore the ISCFC-associated Discussions listed half way down your learning group page
3) join the Discussions that interest you
4) Post your comments related to the ISCFC in one or more of those Discussions

Below is a link to a simple guide to the ISCFC at Einztein which gives you more information on how to better use the site.


Jason Hodin

ISCFC Media & Content Design
Stanford University


Jason Hodin
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Discussions Discussion Welcome to Einztein
Michael Hacker, April 26, 2012

Hello people of the WORLD! My name is Michael Hacker and recently paticipated in this so called Carbon Footprint Challenge. I’ve thought of a couple of ways to reduce the production of carbon…. Recycle and ride a bike SON!

Michael Hacker
Comments (13)
  • Michael Hacker Michael Hacker April 30, 2012
    Thank you Casey!
  • Ryan Miracle Ryan Miracle April 30, 2012
    My family takes metal food cans and just about any other kind of metal to a recycling center about once every two months.
  • shahd bahaa shahd bahaa May 4, 2012
    recycling is a great way to reduce the co2 that factories give off, and bikes are great for the amout of co2 cars produce. you can make more people involved in your plan like your family and friends to get a greater result. great job keep up the good work and i might try to use your plan even though the bike part is a bit hard for me considering i live im egypt. just keep it up.
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Discussions Discussion Welcome to Einztein
Randy B Sweden, April 26, 2012

Exactly how does the human immune system work?

Randy B Sweden
Comments (4)
  • Emily Ward Emily Ward April 30, 2012
    Breathe, Eat, Sleep
  • Casey Beckett Casey Beckett April 30, 2012
    I know it protects you when your body is invaded by pathogens and can keep you healthy at times were you could of gotten sick.
  • Randy B Sweden Randy B Sweden May 5, 2012
    I know that the human body has an adaptive immune system, and one that is native. But what is really interesting is how the adaptive immune system work. I know that this type of immune system is driven by the lymphocytes. I wonder, what makes these antibodies able to adapt to what virus/bakteria that has entered the immune system? Does it have anything to do with their DNA or do they perhaps have a circle shaped DNA like the prokaryote (that is able to adapt)?
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Discussions Discussion Welcome to Einztein
Veronica Young, April 26, 2012

Hey! I’m Veronica from North Adams High School. I did my carbon calculations last week and I was shocked to see my results. I didn’t realize how much carbon was realized by purchasing things. Any ideas how to reduce my average?

Veronica Young
Comments (6)
  • Jasmine Elerian Jasmine Elerian April 30, 2012
    hey, look you could reuse things you know you don't really need more of, that way factories don't have to produce as much. you could also use recycable bags instead of plastic bags at the market or whatever…
  • Shaneikiah Bickham Shaneikiah Bickham May 8, 2012
    great ideas, jasmine!
  • Farah makhlouf Farah makhlouf May 20, 2012
    Hi my name is Hannan Hassan, but i am using my friend’s account because there is something wrong with mine. I have a very good idea, you can reduce the use of plastic bags, like when you go shopping reuse the bags more than once. Recycle things like plastics and papers.
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