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Discussions Discussion Student footprints
Marwan El Battouty, May 2, 2013

My name is Marwan El Battouty.
I’m from Cairo, Egypt.
My carbon footprint is above average, mine is 8779kg where the average of Egypt is 3353kg.
My majority of the carbon footprint came from food which was a huge surprise as I didn’t know stuff like using their bags or not being a vegetarian would affect my carbon footprint so much.
It was expected that my transportation would be way above average because I live far way from school, and I take the bus everyday back and forth 5 days a week for the entire year. So that was expected.
In terms of home, it was also sort of expected that most of it would come from using the air conditioner so much.
Finally, my purchases aren’t so much anyway so that didn’t contribute so much to my carbon footprint.
Overall, I think my carbon footprint is not as bad as I expected in comparison to how much I thought my average usage would be.
From this survey, I learned that almost everything I do contributes to my total carbon footprint and that everything I use, no matter how small it may be, will affect the total in the end.
The main actions I can think of that would strongly decrease my Carbon Footprint would be taking care into how much I use the air conditioner, trying to eat less meat and being more of a vegetarian, and not using unclean public transportation so much.
Thank you!

Marwan El Battouty
Comments (5)
  • ethan W-usa ethan W-usa May 2, 2013
    my transportation was the most because every year we take at least 2 flights
  • ethan W-usa ethan W-usa May 2, 2013
    i barely use the air conditioning
  • Jason Hodin Jason Hodin May 3, 2013
    Marwan- I realize that buses in Cairo probably are vey polluting. In many poor places in the US, the buses are also dirtier than in richer cities. This is a justice issue- it impacts climate change but also air quality and the health of everyone. Hopefully people in Cairo will start to demand cleaner buses!
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Discussions Discussion Student footprints
Anna G-Poland, May 2, 2013

My name is Anna . I’m 18 years old. I live in Poland. I took part in this survey of the International Student Footprint Challenge and my total footprint is 6470 kg of CO2 per year.

By categories my totals are:
Transportation: 1002kg
Home: 4086 kg
Food 1235 kg
Purchases: 147 kg

In my country
Transportation: 965 kg
Home: 2858 kg
Food: 2240 kg
Purchases: 463 kg

Anna G-Poland
Comments (6)
  • Jason Hodin Jason Hodin May 3, 2013
    Hi Anna & Janice- The footprint calculator divides your footprint by the number of people in your house, so that should not make your footprint higher. It's true that 4086 is higher than the Poland average, but lower than a lot of places in the world, including most of the USA (average = 7069 kg!!). Anna- can I guess that heating your home is a big part of your family's home footprint?
  • Anna G-Poland Anna G-Poland May 10, 2013
    I was really surprised that category the “home” was so high. I think that this result is very big because I use coal to heating for 6 months per year.
    I will try to save water, segregate waste and use energy-saving bulbs.
    I will try to make a change in my lifestyle to preserve our planet!
  • Ewa K-Poland Ewa K-Poland May 10, 2013
    I have the same problem, My result was 3139 in category “home” -the highest, most because I use coal heating for similar times as Anna and it hard to change it but we can do many things to protect planet. We can't forget about it!:)
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Discussions Discussion ISCFC Teacher Planning, Feb 2014
Katarzyna Siwczak, May 2, 2013

Hello everyone! I teach at a secondary school in Rybnik, Poland. My second-year students will be participating in the project. Actually, they have already started calculating their personal carbon footprints and I have seen some of the results:) I’m still waiting for the others to finish.
I would like to thank Geraldine for contacting me and enebling us to participate in the project:)
I’m looking forward to meeting all the other teachers as well.

Katarzyna Siwczak

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Discussions Discussion Student footprints
Cassandra L-USA, May 2, 2013

Hello! My name is Cassandra Lai and I’m from California. I’m currently 17 years old. Like many of you, my AP Biology teacher introduced my class to the Carbon Foot Print Challenge. My carbon foot print total was 9256 kg per year. Compared to the California average of 9727 kg per year, mine was just a little bit lower. The majority of my carbon footprint came from transportation, and it doesn’t really surprise me. I drive everywhere. Whether it is to school, to hang out with friends, to see family, or to away games at other schools for tennis. I know I should probably incorporate public transportation, but sometimes dealing with late buses on a tight schedule can be so stressful. Although to decrease my carbon footprint and to help keep Earth a beautiful place for a long time, I’ll just have to deal with all the little quirks public transportation comes with.

Cassandra L-USA
Comments (5)
  • Isabelle M-USA Isabelle M-USA May 2, 2013
    How do you get your categories so low? I live in the US and I had a very high score (12000)! Do you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables? Most of my high score was from eating a lot of meat.
  • ethan W-usa ethan W-usa May 2, 2013
    the majority of my carbon footprint also mostly came from transportation
  • Sarah Curry Sarah Curry May 2, 2013
    Also, you should try to carpool a little like taking transportation, so if your going somewhere to hang out with your friends,you and another friend could carpool.
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Discussions Discussion Student footprints
Brian Woo, May 1, 2013

Hello, my name is Brian Woo and I am a 16-year old high school student living in California; I completed the International Carbon Footprint Challenge for my AP Biology class. According to ISCFC, I (on average) put out around 8320 kg of CO2 per year; the average Californian puts out around 9727 kg CO2 a year. It was surprising to see how all of the little things we do add up to our carbon emission totals; who knew that, say, flushing the toilet contributed to global warming!? Some questions popped into my mind during and after the survey, though, like: how does ISCFC actually calculate CO2 emissions? For example, if I took an airplane to destination X, does ISCFC add that entire flight’s worth of emissions to my total as opposed to dividing it equally among the passengers?

Regardless, the survey was really fun and gave me new insights as to how to lower my CO2 output. Time to drop a brick into my toilet tank!

Brian Woo
Comments (1)
  • Liz Williams Liz Williams May 8, 2013
    Hey Brian, and i didn't know that flushing the toilet contributed to global warming. And my carbon footprint was pretty low too so we are around the same. Flying is what makes it go up for some people, but i don't fly so it was lower because of that.

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Discussions Discussion Off the table?
Deandra Lee, May 1, 2013

hi im Deandra, im 16 from California. my biggest carbon footprint is my transportation because I do two sports, soccer and track, which requires me to drive out to all of the practices games and meets. since I play for castrovalley, practices and games are extra far. this is something I have no control over, however I do try to carpool as much as I can. I will try to reduce my carbon footprint in all of the other categories as much as I can.

Deandra Lee
Comments (14)
  • Yuki I-USA Yuki I-USA May 5, 2013
    Victor, you don't have to stop eating. There are some ways to help this problem. First of all, if you can, try growing a garden. You can save money by doing this! Next, you can try to eat organics. Lastly, you can try to eat everything on your plate. Leftovers from your dinner can lead to pollution.
  • Janice C-USA Janice C-USA May 5, 2013
    Instead of eating a lot of junk food, eat more of a balanced meal. (http://www.foodpyramid.com/mypyramid/)
    Also, eat more raw foods that do not need cooking, use the microwave as it uses 50% less energy than an oven, and use the oven sparingly and smartly…reduce preheating, cook multiple foods.
  • benny ritskes benny ritskes May 6, 2013
    you could reduce your carbon emissions by finding sports that are closer to your house
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Discussions Discussion carbon footprint
Luiegi Magnaye, May 1, 2013

Hi! I am 18 years of age and living in California, USA. My CO2 emission is above average due to transporation and home energy. My family is big on television, they never miss an episode of their soap operas and always watch movies. I don’t account for half the home energy because I’m usually hanging out. Thus, transportation releases the most CO2, not only am I always driving but drive farther because I have moved homes. Food and purchases are about average because I tend save money and diet. In the future, I will stay home more often to help the environment and contribute less to CO2 release which causes acid rain!!!

Luiegi Magnaye

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Discussions Discussion Sophy C
Sophy C-USA, May 1, 2013

Hi! I am a 17 year old living in California! I am doing this as an assignment for my AP Bio class to check out how my carbon footprint is impacting the world. The most CO2 I released was due to food. It says I released 4020, but that might be wrong. When I filled in my data, I put down a lot of meals because I didn’t know what to put there. So most likely the REAL answer is my home energy emissions. I released a total amount of 2703 from just my house. This is probably due to us leaving many devices plugged in while on sleep mode.
Next is transportation at 2624 and purchases at 427. My transportation number is high because I drive to school and back every day and I also that the train to Berkeley almost every weekend. The purchases are quite low. I do not go shopping often. Maybe once or twice a year for my entire year’s worth of clothes.

Sophy C-USA

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Discussions Discussion Student footprints
Xenia P-USA, May 1, 2013

Hi! My name is Xenia Perez and I’m from California, USA. I’m currently 16 years old and my AP Biology teacher introduced this Carbon Foot Print Challenge to myself/classmates earlier this week. My carbon footprint total is 14,173 kg of CO2 per year compared to the average footprint of 9727 kg for California. The majority of my carbon footprint is transportation, and i’m not surprised with that outcome. Probably every other day i go out with friends after school and that contributes to my footprint, but on the weekends I always go out with my family to some far away destination. Whether it be an amusement park, shopping center, and the like. In the future, I do plan to reduce activities that will increase my footprint, perhaps, conserving energy, traveling less…basically trying to be more green. Hopefully reducing my carbon footprint will help the environment, so it can last longer for generations to come.

Xenia P-USA
Comments (1)
  • Isabelle M-USA Isabelle M-USA May 2, 2013
    To reduce your carbon footprint, maybe you can carpool with your friends or go to closer places!

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Discussions Discussion Student footprints
Airel E-USA, May 1, 2013

Hey, I’m Airel Elgincolin from Union City, California. I’m currently 17 years old. In my carbon footprint, I noticed that I’m releasing the most CO2 from transportation. The total amount of released CO2 from transportion alone came up to about 4874 kg CO2. Since I got my license and now commute to school via car everyday, my CO2 emissions has surely increased. Hopefully in the near future gasoline-powered vehicles will be replaced by those that use natural fuels or electricity for the sake of our planet.

Airel E-USA
Comments (3)
  • Xenia P-USA Xenia P-USA May 1, 2013
    I feel like the majority of everyones carbon footprint is due to transportation. I think you should get a hybrid car because that would help with your CO2 emissions problem [:
  • Airel E-USA Airel E-USA May 2, 2013
    I shall consider one in the near future. :D
  • Marwan El Battouty Marwan El Battouty May 2, 2013
    Like almost everyone else, the most contributing factor to your carbon footprint is transportation. Hmm, like Xenia said, you can also get a hybrid car, it helps the environment and the gas used would also cause less. Another way that can help is using a bike more often, or jogging or walking. It's good for fitness and is much better than consuming more fuel and gas thats coming from burning fossil fuels and coal. Try it and see how it goes!

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