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Discussions Discussion Environment - CS Monitor
Bert Breton, April 6, 2012

Ice age study delivers blow to global-warming skeptics:

It’s the latest indication that researchers’ understanding of CO2’s effects on climate “is confirmed by the history of climate,” notes Richard Alley, a Penn State University geologist who specializes in studying glaciers and the climate records encoded in the ice.

Bert Breton

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Discussions Discussion DeSmogBlog
Hillary Campbell, April 5, 2012

Young Americans Sue Government to Stop Global Warming, Polluter Interests Granted Intervention To Defend:

Last May, a group of young Americans, fed up with government inaction on climate change, decided to sue to protect their future. The group, led by 16-year old Alec Loorz, founder of Kids vs. Global Warming and the iMatter campaign, filed legal actions against the federal government and 49 states, seeking to force the states and federal government to develop a comprehensive plan to reduce greenhouse gas pollution to levels deemed necessary by the best available science.

Full story here: http://www.desmogblog.com/young-americans-sue-government-stop-global-warming-polluter-interests-granted-intervention-defend

And here’s a video about young Alec Loorz’s path to plaintiff-dom.

Hillary Campbell
Comments (2)
  • Tony Trevari Tony Trevari April 6, 2012
    Alec Loorz rocks…watch this video!
  • Christie James Christie James April 6, 2012
    Alec Loorz has become a man, before his time. This is very inspiring!

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Discussions Discussion Climate Progress
Jill Davies, April 5, 2012

CNN Meteorologist: This ‘Strange Spring’ Where Extremes ‘Become The Norm’ Is The ‘Climate Change We Are Seeing’

Intersting comment by Joe Romm on how meteorologists are making the connection between extreme weather patterns and human caused global [warming] climate change.

Watch the CNN vid below, where Alexandra Steele says, “This global warming is really kind of a misnomer. It’s global climate change. So the colds are colder and warms are warmer and severe is more severe.”


Jill Davies

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Discussions Discussion Augmented Reality
Mauro De Giorgi, April 5, 2012

Google has released an official video featuring there new AR Glasses. Google names it “Project Glass”.

We believe technology should work for you — to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t.

A team within our Google[x] group started Project Glass to build this kind of technology, one that helps you explore and share your world, putting you back in the moment.


Mauro De Giorgi

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Discussions Discussion Climate Progress
Jill Davies, April 5, 2012

6 Things You Should Know About The Value Of Renewable Energy:

1. Clean energy is competitive with other types of energy
2. Clean energy creates three times more jobs than fossil fuels
3. Clean energy improves grid reliability
4. Clean energy investment has surpassed investments in fossil fuels
5. Investments in clean energy are cost effective
6. Fossil fuels have gotten 75 times more subsidies than clean energy

Supporting details here…


Jill Davies

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Discussions Discussion Climate Science Watch
Margaret Sewell, April 5, 2012

“Last Call at the Oasis”

Recommended: This feature-length documentary on the global water crisis, screened at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin recently, features powerful film footage and commentary by leading water expert Peter Gleick, Earth System scientist Jay Famiglietti at UC-Irvine, environmental activist Erin Brockovich, Robert Glennon at the Univ. of Arizona, biologist Tyrone Hayes at UC-Berkeley, Tim Barnett at Scripps, and others. Directed by Academy Award-winning Jessica Yu. The film is very much worth seeing. In theaters starting May 4.


Margaret Sewell

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Discussions Discussion Water - State of the Planet
Christie James, April 5, 2012

Should Universities Ban Bottled Water?

Universities in Canada and the United States to have banned plastic bottled water include Belmont University, Oberlin College, Seattle University, University of Ottawa, University of Portland, University of Wisconsin (Stevens Point), Upstate Medical University, and Washington University in St. Louis. Others including, but not limited to, New York University and Stanford University have banned plastic bottles from their dining halls. Finally there are numerous student led efforts to ban bottled water at places such as Brown University, Cornell University, and Pennsylvania State University, though these have yet to become official.


Christie James

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Discussions Discussion Climate Change Denial
JP Lopez, April 5, 2012

Communications expert George Marshall offers six strategies for talking to people who don’t accept that climate change is happening Drawing on his workshops in climate communications and the latest social research he proposes a respectful approach that responds to their interests and values. He says that you should keep away from an argument about the science and concentrate on the personal journey that led you to accept the problem.

JP Lopez

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Discussions Discussion Earth Easy - Solutions for Sustainable Living
Nina Dumas, April 5, 2012

The End of Growth and the Way Forward:

We can live without growth, but only when we embrace the values of sustainable living.

The very concept of limitless growth stands in apparent conflict with the limits of a planet which has only so much room to grow and so many resources to fuel more growth. Infinite growth within a finite system cannot work, a simple enough concept for economists and policy-makers to fathom, yet this hard logic is disregarded in our race for more growth and the prosperity we think it brings.

Interesting analysis from Earth Easy: http://eartheasy.com/blog/2011/09/the-end-of-growth-and-the-way-forward/

And Richard Heinberg weighs in below…

Nina Dumas

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Discussions Discussion March 27 - The far reaches of climate change:…
Jean Sweeney, April 4, 2012

While recently on a business trip in Houston, TX, I was listening to a public radio program titled “Sea Rise”. The point of the program was to contrast scientific evidence of the rising of sea level to people who live in coastal areas and are unwilling to accept the potential impact on their lives. In particular, they were contrasting the research of a scientist on sea level increase to a farmer in coastal North Carolina. The farmer is the third generation on the land and expects to pass it on to his young son some day. He was quite certain that the rising sea level was not going to bring any consequences to his land that he could not deal with. He views it more like a hurricane or bad weather event that will come, go away, and will require a period of recovery. The barrier to his thinking was his attachment to the land for 3 generations. He cannot possibly conceive that the land would not be there and the change would be permanent. He said, ” Whatever happens, we will deal with it as we always have.” This points out a significant reason why there is such a large human mental barrier to people understanding that things won’t be the same again and why it is so difficult to get them to plan ahead to deal with a permanent change. It also brings to home the fact that we often think of displaced people in third world countries. No longer true. The fact that this program was airing in Houston, a coastal US city, was notable.

Jean Sweeney
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