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Trish Brenan, Nov. 21, 2011

Lake Michigan coal ash spill no threat to humans, officials say: Despite a recent mudslide that swept tons of coal ash and debris into and around Lake Michigan, officials say contaminants are confined to areas not accessible to people and the chemicals can be cleaned up and safely disposed of. Coal ash has arsenic, selenium, lead and mercury in low concentrations, but it’s not classified as hazardous under waste laws. Raw footage in the video below


Trish Brenan
Comments (2)
  • Lauren P-United States Lauren P-United States Nov. 26, 2011
    Although they say that this will not affect humans, how will this mudslide affect the animals in the lake and those that use the lake as a source of water or food? This may not affect us as humans directly but it may have an effect on our ecosystem.
  • Bert Breton Bert Breton Dec. 4, 2011
    Precisely. It's regrettable that the official response to this environmental disaster is to say that it does not affect humans. How can damaging the environment not affect humans?

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