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Discussions Discussion DPRK - North Korea
Steurt Strickland, Feb. 29, 2012

North Korea agrees to halt nuclear activities for food:

North Korea has agreed to halt nuclear tests, long-range missile launches and enrichment activities at its Yongbyon nuclear complex in exchange for food aid from the United States, the State Department said Wednesday.

In return for the moratorium on nuclear activities at this key site, the United States has agreed to finalize a package of 240,000 metric tons of nutritional assistance to North Korea. There will be intensive monitoring to assure that the delivery is made to those in need and not diverted to the military or government elites, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said in a statement.

The DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) has also agreed to the return of IAEA inspectors to verify and monitor the moratorium on uranium enrichment activities at Yongbyon and confirm the disablement of the 5-MW reactor and associated facilities,” Nuland said.

Chalk another one up for the Obama administration.

Steurt Strickland
Comments (2)
  • Tim Foufas Tim Foufas Feb. 29, 2012
    How long do you think they will keep to the agreement?
  • Hillary Campbell Hillary Campbell Feb. 29, 2012
    Most likely until China encourages them to do otherwise.

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