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Discussions Discussion Quantum Physics Made Relatively Simple
Lauren Z-United States, Nov. 15, 2012

Hi my name is Lauren, and I’m a freshman in Texas. My mother forced me to watch this movie about quantum physics this summer called “What the Bleep Do We Know!?”. It’s kind of like quantum physics for beginners. It was a little confusing to follow at times, but I got the general gist which was the following: the universe is best seen as made from thoughts instead of matter, “empty space” is not really empty, matter is not solid (electrons go in and out of existance and it is unknown where they disapear to), nothing really touches anything else because of the electrons, beliefs about who one is and what is real are a direct cause of oneself and one’s own realities, matter can be anywhere and everywhere until you focus on where it is, peptides manufactured in the brain cause a bodily reaction to emotion that can make you sick or addicted to feeling that emotion, so that means all thoughts and emotions are physical. Well that is my best summary of the movie, I would only recomend it if you are into quantum physics or just highly curious because it does require a lot of thinking. My mom must really want me to get into quantum physics because she also gave me this book to read, “The Dancing Wu Li Masters”. I read it for a bit, but then it got boring and too confusing so I quit it, and now after this discussion I think I will start reading it again. In conclusion, if you want to get to know quantum physics on a relatively simple level, I suggest you first watch that movie and then if you find that you want to obain more information, read the book.

Lauren Z-United States

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Discussions Discussion Resources to help teach about “Light”
Gerald Carey, Jan. 6, 2012

Background theoretical information about light. Not sure about the sources at this stage.

Gerald Carey

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Discussions Discussion Data Visualization Theory & Practice
Chloe Elswick, Dec. 2, 2011

The link above is incomplete — I think I found the correct address: http://ocw.usu.edu/instructional-technology-learning-sciences/data-visualization-theory-practice/index.html

Chloe Elswick

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Discussions Discussion Cultural History of Technology
Esteban Amaya, Nov. 13, 2011

Technological artifacts are products of an economy, a force for economic growth, and a large part of everyday life. Technological innovations affect, and are affected by, a society’s cultural traditions…

Esteban Amaya

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