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Discussions Discussion Sustainable city
srini n, Feb. 22, 2012

A recent poll from Ipsos/Reuters shows the extent of workplace evolution as well as the fallout of globalization. Nearly 1 in 5 (17%) of the over 11,000 users from 24 countries polled online indicated that they work exclusively and/or consistently from home. Telecommuting is most popular in regions with emerging markets, such as Asia-Pacific (24%), the Middle East and Africa (27%), and Latin America (25%), while North America and Europe (both at 9%) lag significantly behind.

But the winner is India with 82% telecommuting at least once a week and 57% working remotely on a routine basis. Compare this to the U.S. where 26% are working remotely at least once a week with only 10% respondents doing so consistently.”

http://singularityhub.com/2012/02/21/u-s-being-left-in-the-dust-of-the-global-telecommuting-revolution/?utm_source=Singularity Hub Daily Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=5cbc49a775-RSS_EMAIL_C
srini n

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Discussions Discussion unselected
Jason Hodin, Jan. 27, 2011

We’ve hit “Peak Travel!” Yay!

Jason Hodin

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