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Discussions Discussion The YALE forum on Climate Change & the Me…
Isabella J-USA, Oct. 11, 2013

I was watching a ted video hosted by Al Gore (vice precedent under Bill Clinton), called Averting the Climate Crisis, posted in 2006. While this was almost 8 years ago, almost all of the information still pertains to the Climate crisis today. One peace of information that I found shocking was something that he sited as an example of global warming, the historical temperature (in America) during January is 31 degrees, in 2006 the average was 39.5 degrees. While he did not state where these averages were taken, this still represents a dramatic change in temperature. He then goes on to list a how, in his opinion, we should help reduce our carbon emission. These are a few of his changes that apply to most people; 1. Reduce emission in our home, 2. Reduce our car emissions, 3. Be a green consumer, 4. Live a carbon neutral life, 5. Invest in carbon neutral business, 6. Teach others, and lastly, 7. Help spread the word.

In my opinion these, seven actions represent a way to help bring down not only our own carbon emissions, our countries, but as a result the worlds. One of the most important aspects of this, in my opinion, is the telling and teaching others. By doing these steps we are not only effecting our lives, by will start a movement of people committed to changing the world’s by changing there own live styles.

Isabella J-USA

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Discussions Discussion How Does One Live as a Leader?
Elsa Maestra, Oct. 19, 2011

Simon Sinek has studied leaders from Steve Jobs and Martin Luther King to the Wright Brothers and come up with a model of leadership that starts with the question: “Why?” Be inspired!

Elsa Maestra
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