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Julia R-USA, Nov. 14, 2012

Back in the olden days, there was no need for technology (mainly because there wasn’t any). But hey, people still enjoyed their lives. Society today is being consumed by technology and it is not always beneficial. As we shift gears to using only technology, we are changing the way that the next generation will grow up. For example, if an 8 year old is given a cell phone, then all of their attention will go towards playing games on their phone or communicating with other second graders. Now, that seems fine right? They’re having fun and maintaining relationships. However, when a child (or any human) does not interact with other people in person, it is harder for them to practice social skills and conflict resolution, which are essential to maintaining a healthy relationship with anyone. Communication is key. Also, playing games on a phone can eventually lead to lack of physical exercise; playtime is also crucial to a child’s development, such as motor skills. In conclusion, any technological advancement has pros and cons. Most people fall into the obsession of technology without considering its power to consume the user’s mind. With each advancement, one has to maintain certain parameters.

Julia R-USA

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