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Center for Civic Education, Nov. 7, 2011

American Enterprise Institute Report Lauds Project Citizen as a Teacher-Training Model
October 20, 2011

The American Enterprise Institute recently released a report (http://bit.ly/vyZ7cv) by Diana Hess and John Zola that calls for increased and more effective teacher training in civic education.

Hess and Zola stress that “the quality of teaching is the most powerful determinant of students’ access to a meaningful civic education,” yet most teachers do not have the opportunity to receive meaningful civics training from knowledgeable mentors.

The report goes on to single out Project Citizen as one such civics training program. Specifically, the report describes the approach taken by the Center for Education in Law and Democracy (http://www.lawanddemocracy.org/), the Denver-based organization that directs the Center for Civic Education’s programs in Colorado, and concludes that there is “strong evidence that this authentic form of civic education has powerful and lasting effects.”

Center for Civic Education

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