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Posts tagged "sustainable energy"

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Discussions Discussion Earth Easy - Solutions for Sustainable Living
Bedford Wells, April 4, 2012

Is the ‘Wind Lens’ a Green Energy Breakthrough?

New design by Japanese researchers can double or even triple the energy output of wind turbines.

The “wind lens” is an inward curving ring which surrounds the turbine’s blades as they rotate, creating a pocket of low pressure in front of the turbine. This has the effect of directing and accelerating the airflow as it enters the blade zone, effectively doubling or even tripling a wind turbine’s power output.


Bedford Wells

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Discussions Discussion Digital Africa
Ricky Burkhardt, Oct. 12, 2011

Luke Younge works for Lucid Pictures a production company in Cape Town that makes powerful, thoughtful films for people who make a difference. This film takes a look at sustainable energy in South African cities through the eyes of a schoolgirl doing an after-hours rehearsal of her school oral presentation entitled “My City”

Ricky Burkhardt

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