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Discussions Discussion DPRK - North Korea
Hillary Campbell, Feb. 29, 2012

China brings supermarket concept to North Korea:

Decidedly un-communist development in North Korea: A new culture of commerce is springing up, with China as its inspiration and source. The market-savvy Chinese are introducing the pleasures of the megamart to a small niche of North Koreans, and flooding the country’s border regions with cheap goods.

Outside Pyongyang, much of the country remains impoverished. Millions rely on state-provided food, but poor agricultural yields mean they’ll get only a fraction of what they need to survive, according to the World Food Program.

Still, there are signs that a new found consumer culture is taking hold both in Pyongyang and in the border towns where Chinese-made goods are bought and sold every day.


Hillary Campbell
Comments (1)
  • Tim Foufas Tim Foufas Feb. 29, 2012
    I visited DPRK last August. Didn't see these kinds of markets but when we landed at the airport in Pyongyang I was surprised. Most of the passengers were N Koreans and they had luggage and boxes at the baggage claim like I've never seen…filled with merchandise purchase in Beijing…LCD TV sets and such.

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