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Discussions Discussion Internet’s Role in Popular Uprising
Camilla Pashar, Nov. 22, 2011

Egypt protests: A million march in Tahrir Square?
• Activists call for mass demos in Tahrir Square against Scaf
• Government resignation fails to quell demands for change


Tuesday, 10.27am: Protesters are converging on Tahrir Square for a fourth day of demonstrations, AP reports.
Thousands of Egyptian protesters have been camping out on the square and clashing with police trying to force them to leave, evidence that an offer of resignation by the civilian Cabinet the day before has failed to quell the spreading unrest.

Camilla Pashar
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  • abeer alhamzawi abeer alhamzawi Nov. 23, 2011
    nothing will meet their demand the asking to see god

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Discussions Discussion Occupy Wall Street” Protests
Bert Breton, Oct. 15, 2011

Anya Kamenetz, journalist, participated in the “Occupy Seattle” protests and describes how it serves as a massive educational movement for those involved.

The homeless [Seattle] youth hold the space 24/7 so the occupation can continue, they have food donated every day, enhanced safety at night. And above all, they are learning about politics, economics and world issues in conversation with all kinds of people all day, as well as sharing their own knowledge about living on the street.

Even educators are getting involved. At #OccupyWallSt, a friend and professor taught a class on the stock market this week, and she heard of an ex-Lehman banker teaching one on the Glass-Steagall Act.

In other words, the occupations are functioning as a nationwide free school or teach-in, a university of the streets. This is a fascinating free educational dynamic occurring across the country and world

Here’s the article…

Here’s a great video of Anya discussing Alternative Education…

Bert Breton

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Discussions Discussion Occupy Wall Street” Protests
Amy Sutherland, Oct. 14, 2011

October 15th is WORLD IN REVOLUTION DAY — people from all over the world will take to the streets and squares. From America to Asia, from Africa to Europe, people are rising up to claim their rights and demand a true democracy. This have grown out of the Occupy Wall Street protests. Will you be joining in this historic global non violent protest?

For more information, go to [15october dot net]

Twitter hashtag = #GLOBALCHANGE


Amy Sutherland

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Discussions Discussion Occupy Wall Street” Protests
Ricky Burkhardt, Oct. 9, 2011

What started out as a relatively small protest in New York City’s Zuccotti Park has morphed into a nation wide protest largely organized by social media. Everyone thought this protest would just go away quietly. But after 3 or 4 weeks, it’s become bigger and bolder. By the looks of this video, even the police are video taping the activities now. They even posted their version of the infamous Brooklyn Bridge arrests on Youtube. Occupy Wall Street protests spread to almost every major US city.

Ricky Burkhardt
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  • Marco Masoni Marco Masoni Oct. 9, 2011
    If this movement grows to become an amalgam of many groups, will it have trouble defining itself and, therefore, being impactful? I've been asking myself that question.

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