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Discussions Discussion Lateral Thinking Examples
Kendra Adebayo, Jan. 26, 2012

Bees called in to deter vandals at attraction - thinking laterally by using nature as a security system:

Bee hives are being planned as a natural way to tackle vandalism at the Greenfield Mills heritage site. The historic mill buildings at the heart of Greenfield Valley heritage park were forced to shut due to damage by vandals. Now park managers have been “thinking laterally” about how to maintain the site vandalism-free.

Chris Wright, operations manager at Greenfield Valley Heritage Park, said: “Anyone who wanted to scale the fence would think twice about it if there were bees in there.”

“We’re not going to hide the hives and hope they sting people, we’re hoping it will add to the ecology of the valley – but deterring vandals is a happy side-effect.”

Kendra Adebayo
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  • srini n srini n Jan. 27, 2012
    gr8 post, Kendra! tnx.

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