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Marco Masoni, Nov. 18, 2011

Should Obama switch up Clinton and Biden? Not so fast, argues Elizabeth Elfman, who writes:

Biden is Obama’s polar opposite, a much-needed foil to Obama’s deficiencies. What Obama lacks in experience, Biden makes up for with 36 years in the Senate. Born to working parents in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Biden has given Obama a blue-collared edge, as well as a feeling of warmth and personality that is decidedly absent from the cool-headed president. As a veteran of sorrow, Biden softens and personalizes Obama. His off-color remarks, which have rallied cries of protest and calls for resignation, are assets rather than gaffes. Democrats hollering for a role reversal with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would be remiss in calling for this exuberant, energized vice president traded.”


Marco Masoni

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