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Discussions Discussion Sustainable city
Niall Patrick, Feb. 10, 2014

In this type of city, that has a central focus on low carbon transportation, I can imagine a clean environment and atmosphere where there is little to no smog and clear visibility for miles. This type of clean environment is rare to see in cities as there are lots of pollutants and bad emissions coming from cars that have high carbon emissions. A goal I would have as a mayor of this town is to make the city look like the outdoors and the wildlife environments. This would offer a large benefit towards the atmosphere and in result I would expect people to move to this city as a city with low emissions is in very high demand these days as global warming and climate change are becoming real and serious threats. Ultimately people are drawn to clean and ecofriendly cities and it would be my goal to bring people the city, increase GDP and make clean energy a new energy.

Niall Patrick

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