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Discussions Discussion Food & hunger
Cameron M- United States, Oct. 7, 2013

Something as simple as eating less red meat can actually decrease your carbon footprint. The usual red meat comes from animals like cows or sheep. But these animals emit big amounts of methane, another greenhouse gas that is ultimately a bit worse than CO2. Other meats such as pork and chicken would be a better alternative. Pigs, chickens, and other animals produce far less emissions. According to Brave New Climate’s article “Top 10 ways to reduce your CO2 emissions footprint, “At average levels of consumption, a family’s emissions from beef would easily outweigh the construction and running costs of a large 4WD vehicle in less than 5 years.” Of course this doesn’t mean that we have to cut out red meat entirely, but eating less steak means much less CO2!

Cameron M- United States

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Discussions Discussion Let’s go environmentally responsible
Beth Bernstein, April 13, 2012

Eat less meat to prevent climate disaster, study warns…

Fertilisers used in growing feed crops for cattle produce the most potent of the greenhouse gases causing climate change

A study published in Environmental Research Letters warns that drastic changes in food production and at the dinner table are needed by 2050 in order to prevent catastrophic global warming.

It’s arguably the most difficult challenge in dealing with climate change: how to reduce emissions from food production while still producing enough to feed a global population projected to reach 9 billion by the middle of this century.


More on the impact of food prodction on climate change below…

Beth Bernstein
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Discussions Discussion Nutrition and Medicine
Rafi Chandio, March 13, 2012

NUTRITION: Red meat linked to higher risk of premature death:

A new study indicates that eating unprocessed red meat (hamburger, pork, roast beef, lamb) and processed meats (bacon, hot dogs, bologna, sausage) may increase a person’s risk of premature death and raise their risk of death from heart disease and cancer.

Conversely, substituting other foods such as fish, poultry, nuts and beans for red meat may lower their risk of premature death, the analysis suggests.

Dr. An Pan, of the Harvard School of Public Health, analyzed the diet, health and death data on 37,698 men and 83,644 women.


Rafi Chandio

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