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Marco Masoni, Oct. 29, 2011

I just read this fascinating account in The Guardian, written by Stephen Pax Leonard (http://www.guardian.co.uk/profile/stephen-pax-leonard), who lived with the Arctic Inugguit for one year, while learning their language and ways of life. What he discovered was a “cold heaven,” where life was stripped to its basics. This sentence, in particular, struck me: “I am a romantic, and I discovered that romantics are always disillusioned because the world is no longer how they had hoped it to be.”

Life in Greenland’s polar desert
by Stephen Pax Leonard

An excerpt:

For me, the appeal of the remote settlement was immediate and unforgettable. Smiley children were magnetised to the stranger and the adults invited the visitor in for a supper of polar bear or fermented little auks, followed by endless refills of black coffee… The eldest hunter in the settlement and a story-teller with whom I worked, Qaerngaq Nielsen, gave Savissivik 10 years. Climate change has meant that the settlement is almost impossible to get to by dog-sledge and there are few who wish to live in complete isolation in the 21st century with no medical facilities.”


Marco Masoni

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