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Discussions Discussion Project Citizen
Dimitria Kamaris, Oct. 16, 2011

I created a wiki last year for my kids to post and work on their projects in addition to the actual portfolio and binder. Here’s the link if anyone wants to take a look. My kids work in small groups rather than a whole class.

Dimitria Kamaris

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Discussions Discussion Project Citizen
Barbara Miller, Oct. 15, 2011

For students getting started with power point presentations, the attached template is a good starting point for make slides for each step in the problem-solving process. Colorado teacher, Terri Bramwell, is the developer.
Here’s a sample of a power point portfolio developed by teachers using the template in during professional development.

Barbara Miller
Comments (3)
  • Natale Fuller Natale Fuller Oct. 15, 2011
    Thanks Barbara. This template is a great resource! At CCE, we frequently receive inquiries for tools like this that demonstrate how to transfer a portfolio presentation online, such an important skill.
    In transitioning the Project Citizen board topics to powerpoints, we've unfortunately seen many incomplete or unorganized powerpoint presentations. This template would seem to alleviate the problem of missing PC process components, such as “Is it constitutional?” Should there be additional instruction for PC teachers on creating powerpoints? The concern over poor powerpoints is certainly not a Project Citizen alone issue - we've all been to meetings with powerpoints that have too many bullets on a slide, font too small, unclear connections etc. How do we ensure our PC presentations reach for a high standard?
    There has been past discussion on creating a rubric/grading scale for PC powerpoints. Some argue that the portfolio rating sheet is enough.
    Thoughts? Has anyone developed a powerpoint/electronic portfolio rubric?
  • Center for Civic Education Center for Civic Education Oct. 15, 2011
    This is a terrific idea. I'd love to hear if there's anything out there that's already been developed.
  • Dimitria Kamaris Dimitria Kamaris Oct. 16, 2011
    Thanks Barbara- These are great templates!

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