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Marco Masoni, March 15, 2011

Homeopathy, by Anthony D. Puopolo II, MAMD

“How is all that homeopathy stuff going for you T?” This is a quote from my father. He is an MD who graduated from medical school in 1967. He has genuine interest in what I am doing but very little knowledge about alternative treatments. He did not learn about nor was he exposed to alternative medicine during his medical training/career. He frequently uses “homeopathy” or “holistic” medicine when referring to the Integrative Medicine (the practice of integrating conventional and alternative treatments) that I practice. He is a well respected physician practicing in Massachusetts, but yet he has little to no knowledge about Integrative Medicine. Being unexposed and/or unaware is one thing, but outright skepticism is another. When it comes to the practice of homeopathy in the US, for many physicians skepticism predominates. Why?” [click the link to read entire article]

Marco Masoni

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