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Posts tagged "outer space pollution"

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Kim Hsu, Feb. 17, 2012

Swiss aim to launch first space cleaner:

Swiss scientists announced Wednesday plans to develop a machine that acts almost like a vacuum cleaner to scoop up thousands of abandoned satellite and rocket parts, cleaning up outer space. Thank you Switzerland!


Kim Hsu
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  • Margaret Sewell Margaret Sewell Feb. 17, 2012
    It's encouraging to see a space agency allocating resources to the issue of space debris and space pollution. The Swiss Space Agency must be commended for focusing on this issue.

    NASA and private corporations have been launching satellites into space orbit at an alarming rate since the 1970's. Yet, I have never noticed a serious effort on their part to tackle the issue of space debris. They've only been concerned with establishing guidelines on how to deal with potential collision threat from debris.

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