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Discussions Discussion Home grown
Chloe C-Usa, Nov. 15, 2012

After you finish up eating a fruit, vegetable, ar any type of food really, does it just go in the trash? This tends to happen often, but there is actually another option for getting rid of your food and helping out the environment. Composting!! It’s super easy to do, and you can even make a garden with the compost that you have made after a while! The link below gives some info if you’re interested, and it is really not that hard to do. It is great for the environment and getting rid of tons of everyday foods. So get out there and compost, people!

Chloe C-Usa
Comments (1)
  • Colleen C-USA Colleen C-USA Nov. 15, 2012
    Thanks for the link! And what if EVERYONE in the US composted? Would we be creating a helpful product, or wasting food that shouldn't have been produced? I know composting is useful, but if everyone just recycled the leftovers of what they ate, but continued to buy the same amount of food as before would they be wasting resources and creating an excess of compost, taking advantage of food and turning it into something that is useful for growing food, or both?

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Discussions Discussion Home grown
Colleen C-USA, Nov. 15, 2012

I live in the suburbs of Houston where everyone has a backyard, but most people have just plain grass lawns for their children to play or swimming pools with concrete that takes up most of the space. Our backyard is mostly concrete, but my family has sectioned off portions of it for gardening. We grow tomatoes, green beans, squash, and even have a peach tree! We use one of our family friends’ ranch to house 2 beehives, from which we collect honey. We have 2 compost bins in our backyard and recycle about 90 lbs of plastic, paper, and cardboard every week. Even with all of this, we still produce a lot of carbon dioxide from food emissions. This is because my family enjoys meat, a LOT of meat. After looking into it, I’ve been thinking about looking into making some of my family’s food vegan. By eating more plants, we would be cutting out about a ton of CO2 from the atmosphere. Doesn’t that sound great?

Colleen C-USA

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Discussions Discussion Food & hunger
AnyaA Seattle, WA, May 3, 2012

I’ve seen today that a lot of people seem to not care what food their eating and where it comes from. I usually eat organic things because it’s whats in my house and it’s grown locally and it’s a pretty reliable source. I belive the biggest factor in people eating unhealthily and other foods not necissarily the best for you is because it’s what is cheap and affordable for many people and has a good taste to many people. But I hope that it’ll change for local farmers and organic will become more popular.

AnyaA Seattle, WA
Comments (3)
  • Dash E-seattle, WA Dash E-seattle, WA May 3, 2012
  • Dina El Sharkawy Dina El Sharkawy May 5, 2012
    I agree with you, i think organic people is way more better and more healthy, yes i also agree with you Dash, GO ORGANIC!
  • Stephanie A-USA Stephanie A-USA Oct. 1, 2012
    I definitely agree that a big factor in unhealthy eating is the convenience of the food. My parents are always busy and don't cook, so we eat out all the time, it's horrible, but it's difficult to avoid. Not a lot of places have convenient healthy food. I hope that changes.

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