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Posts tagged "museum of modern art"

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Discussions Discussion Pop Art
Christie James, March 9, 2012

James Rosenquist’s “F-111” is so familiar by now that memory has begun to smooth its shark-tooth edges and recall the Cold War period it exemplifies.

What’s jarring about its current installation at New York’s Museum of Modern Art is that, until now, museums may never have done justice to the piece. That’s reason enough to visit the fourth floor, where until July 30 the 86-foot-long behemoth can be seen as Mr. Rosenquist introduced the painting in 1965 at the Castelli Gallery in New York: a four-sided, wraparound mural for a space (23 feet by 22 feet) little bigger than a squash court.

Christie James

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Discussions Discussion Pop Art
Bert Breton, Feb. 27, 2011

Google Celebrates Valentine’s Day With Pop Art Logo: Google is wishing its users a “Happy Valentine’s Day” with a colorful, pop art-inspired logo based on an image by artist Robert Indiana. The Valentine’s Day Google logo borrows the same typeface and color scheme Indiana employed in his 1964 LOVE design, which was used for the Museum Of Modern Art’s holiday card…

Bert Breton

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