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Discussions Discussion Autism and Early Intervention
Megan McCausland, June 1, 2011

Is medical marijuana a good way to treat someone who is autistic? What if that someone is a 9-year-old? Here’s one loving mother’s take…

Megan McCausland
Comments (3)
  • Bert Breton Bert Breton June 1, 2011
    So…the kid was living with daily pain that prevented him from having a normal day to day existence. The legal pharmaceutical meds had dangerous side effects and no guarantee of working. The marijuana cookies took the child's pain away, and allowed him to interact normally with family and friends and sleep through the night. As controversial as it seems, it seems that the medicinal weed is the best thing for this child.
  • Megan McCausland Megan McCausland June 1, 2011
    Yes, it seems to be the best thing. I would imagine criticism of one's parenting is one of the hardest forms of criticism to take. It was brave of this mother to tell her story.
  • Bert Breton Bert Breton June 1, 2011
    Brave indeed. I wonder how many other children out there are suffering in a similar way and don't know about the potential benefits of medicinal herb. It's important that this mom is sharing her story.

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