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Discussions Discussion Buddhist Psychology
Janet Pearson, March 23, 2012

Teaching children to be mindful

Mindfulness, the Buddhist practice of meditation and focus, is being taught to children to enhance their concentration and counter their stress.
Simply marvelous video report!!!

Janet Pearson

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Discussions Discussion Science - Neurology
Jill Davies, Nov. 26, 2011

This is your mind on meditation: less wandering, more doing… The brains of experienced meditators appear to be fitter, more disciplined and more “on task” than do the brains of those trying out meditation for the first time.


And the differences between the two groups are evident not only during meditation, but also when the mind is allowed to wander freely. And as you can see in the vidclip, meditation can be practiced almost anytime, anywhere :)

Jill Davies
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Discussions Discussion Science - Neurology
Jenny Rothberg, Oct. 11, 2011

Meditation can counter neurological diseases:

Meditation, spirituality and a proper diet could be just the panacea for neurological diseases, said renowned Jaipur-based neurologist, Dr Ashok Panagariya.

“Spirituality and meditation strengthens several important parts of the brain. These regions are associated with the emotions that a person feels. Besides yoga, music, playing golf and bridge, reading and meditation stimulates relaxation and pleasure and reduces stress,” the doctor said.

Panagariya said, “Though medication is essential, studies have proved that every fifth human being is still succumbing despite medicines. Hence, it is important to explore paths beyond medicines for prevention and cure of diseases.”


Jenny Rothberg

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