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Discussions Discussion Deforestation SOS
Jenny Knuthsen, Nov. 9, 2011

The Baobab trees in Madagascar are the only trees to survive deforestation. They are considered sacred and are not chopped down. Only one-fifth of Madagascar’s forest remains. They’re clearing everything out, cutting around the Baobab trees. Look at these beautiful, ancient looking, trees.

Jenny Knuthsen
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  • Jason Hodin Jason Hodin Nov. 11, 2011
    It's more complicated, I'm afraid, then telling people to “leave the forests alone.” Places like Madagascar need international engagement to improve their food security, promote democratic institutions, and help them protect habitat *(and enforce those protections) while providing means of survival, like eco-tourism jobs. Left to their own devices, desperate people with little hope for the future will not have the same attitude towards trees that you do.
  • Tim Foufas Tim Foufas Nov. 12, 2011
    Jason - cool travel blog. You should turn some of your trips into Einztein projects.
  • mario ferrari mario ferrari Nov. 16, 2011
    For me, living in Italy, Baobab are beautiful and interesting trees even because they grow up only in Continents like Australia and Africa. They are named by Senegalese”Ancient trees” since they can live up to 5000 years. They can store up to 100000 gallons of water. They reach heights of 5 to 30 meters . They cannot survive deforestation . Only when the last tree will be smashed down, the river will be poisoned, the fish will be fished and the last animal will be killed, we will realize that we cannot eat money.
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