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Discussions Discussion Search Engines, Technology, and Business
Ricky Burkhardt, Nov. 18, 2011

Italian mathematician, Massimo Marchiori, prepares to challenge Google. Massimo played a key role in helping create Google’s search algorithm but is preparing to launch his own search engine…Volunia!


The website allows visitors to sign up for a chance to become “power users,” who will test the beta version of the search engine, which is to be launched in 12 languages. Here’s Massimo telling us all about it…

Ricky Burkhardt

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Discussions Discussion History of Ancient Rome
Elsa Maestra, Nov. 12, 2011

All Hail Berlusconi
“The Roman emperors knew that the secret to exercising peaceful rule over the people was to provide them with bread and circus. Well, Berlusconi owns the circus, pretty much all of it - the TV, the football, the magazines, the books. And as a head of government, who also happens to own Italy’s biggest supermarket chain, he also controls, in the widest sense of the word, the bread.”

This comes from an article by John Carlin that was published in The Observer 7+ years ago but provides good analysis of how Berlusconi managed to stay in power for 17 years!

Full article at:

Elsa Maestra

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Discussions Discussion Censorship in italy
Stella Romani, Oct. 5, 2011

Italy has one of the lowest levels of press freedom in Europe. A 2009 report by Freedom House classified Italy as “partly free”, the only country in western Europe, also ranking it behind most former communist states of eastern Europe. Censorship is applied in television such as in press for several reasons.” - wikipedia

Stella Romani

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Discussions Discussion Pop Art
Bert Breton, Sept. 9, 2011

Pop Art was introduced to Italy in around 1964. One of the great Italian pop artists was Mimmo Rotella. His preferred medium was d├ęcollage carfted from torn posters. Awesome stuff that, when seen today, stilll seems fresh and relevant. He passed away in 2006.

Bert Breton
Comments (1)
  • Tamara James Tamara James Sept. 10, 2011
    Did you notice Rotella's fashion pieces? The full length evening gown at 1:05 is extraordinary!

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Discussions Discussion Dialects of the World
Jenny Rothberg, March 23, 2011

Napolitano! Here’s a fun, learning video on the Italian dialect spoken in Naples, Italy.

Jenny Rothberg

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