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Discussions Discussion Carnatic Music Songs
srini n, Dec. 8, 2011

Introduction to carnatic music and rhytms

A preview of what a Carnatic Music concert offers is here in this 33 mins video.

India’s classical music has long been a source of fascination to the west but, for many, it is undiscovered territory. Indian classical music is quite different from Western music. The structure of Carnatic music – the classicall music of Southern India – is also distinct from that of the north of the country. Instead of the expression and feeling favoured by the northern, Hindustani style, Carnatic music places the emphasis on structure and improvisation and, although its melodic refinements are based, like all Indian music, on the notes of a given raga, it is also based on highly-developed rhythmical patterns known as tala.
Neyveli B. Venkatesh illustrated his presentation on the mridangam (drum), with the singer Sanjay Subrahmanyan and the violonist S.Varadarajan.”

srini n
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Discussions Discussion Welcome to Einztein
srini n, Dec. 2, 2011

Hi All!
I am Srini from India. I am a finance professional, consultant and an entrepreneur for a little over a decade.

I am excited to be here in this great place to exchange knowledge, experiences, ideas and opinions with all you guys here.

srini n

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