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Discussions Discussion kenyan orphans
Paul Nelsen, Nov. 28, 2011

Final court date is December 2. The boys will need to get passports and papers from the Children’s Department before going to the US Embassy. There they should get their visas. Then I will be able to buy plane tickets.

Paul Nelsen
Comments (2)
  • Emily Nelsen Emily Nelsen Nov. 29, 2011
    Can you tell us more about what you know about adoption of Kenyan Orphans? What are the main steps? What is the Hague process? etc! Thanks for joining!
  • Paul Nelsen Paul Nelsen Nov. 29, 2011
    Since we are the first to do this process it has been a prolonged journey. The Hague Convention established uniform rules to reduce the problem of human trafficing. It has taken Kenya several years to establish the regulatory changes which they agreed to as signatories to the treaty. There are many other countries which are not Hague countries.

    The process begins in the US with an adoption agency. In the US there are very few who will even consider a Kenyan adoption. In Kenya there are only a handful of adoption “societies” (agencies). Until April of this year there had been a hold on Hague process adoptions from Kenya by the US State Department.

    Now that we are the end of the process we can see why it took so long. There are still bureaucratic inconsistancies that will need to be ironed out in the future.

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