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Discussions Discussion Anatomy of Movement
Amy Sutherland, Nov. 11, 2011

Edgar Degas was one of the founders of Impressionism although he rejected the term and preferred to be called a realist. His nudes offer the fullest expression of the fascination with human form. Degas’s nudes demonstrate his meticulous study of anatomy and movement, and his attention to the grace and elegance of the body.

Amy Sutherland
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  • Marco Fulignati Marco Fulignati Nov. 16, 2011
    I like impressionism movement very much. Degas probed into movement of the human body and some of his masterpieces are the famous ballerine in which the movement is probably the main subject of these paintings.

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Discussions Discussion Pop Art
Marco Masoni, Oct. 2, 2011

I just caught the Monet/Lichtenstein exhibit at the LACMA. You get to see 4 of Monet’s famous Rouen Cathedral paintings next to 4 paintings by Lichtenstein interpreting-appropriating the same subject and theme. This was an unexpected surprise (but try explaining the why of it to your 4 year old daughter, as I did). The Monet paintings are seminal in the history of impressionist art. And Lichenstein’s take on them is pure Pop Art.

Marco Masoni
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  • Vittorio Masoni Vittorio Masoni Oct. 24, 2011

    Pop Art has been one of several very original breaks of American artists into art history. It remains a major contribution to perceiving art as a universal phenomenon and not just a domain reserved to the leisure class, the enligthened middle class or just wealthy collectors. However, making intelligent references to previous revolutions (e.g. Impressionists, in this case) strengthens the fundamental concept that, at the core, art is continuity, as Clement Greenberg wrote sometime ago.

    R. Quintamara

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