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Discussions Discussion Reuse & repurpose
Michael H-USA, Oct. 18, 2013

Hi, my name is Michael and I am a high school student in Oakland, California.

Lots of people have been posting their inventive ways to recycle used items, all clever and thanks to those for sharing. I might try some of those. However, let’s face it: the number of different things you can do with items instead of throwing them away or recycling them is infinite. As kids, this imaginative limit was so high that if any item was not a toy, we would make it become a toy or accessory. For me, this was turning wrapping paper tubes into lightsabers, socks into baseballs, bed sheets into capes, etc.

Then the dark ages finally came when our parents tell us that shockingly, we cannot keep every single object we come to possess out of this imagination; we must return it to its original use or get rid of it completely. And so, the great dilemma of throwing away or recycling begins. As this is so much easier than being creative, some of us lose our creativity and doom objects to the dumpsters as the easy way out. With more and more people, this loss of childhood imagination is adding up to lots of pollution, so its time to reuse and recycle some of the toys that adults play with the most: cars.

This article was published eight years ago, but looked ahead at its time to 2015. The significance of this year marks the arrival of a new mandate for European and Japanese car makers to manufacture their cars so that 95% of them can be recycled or reused, and not doomed to the piles of car heaven. The article states that every year in America alone, 10 million cars get scrapped, but if 100% of those cars are 95% recyclable, that number would basically reduce to 500,000 cars instead, a very significant leap. While this may not include imagination, it sure is effective, and in the grand scheme of things, that is what truly counts. If only American auto makers would commit to do the same.

Michael H-USA
Comments (1)
  • Connor Siri Connor Siri Oct. 22, 2013
    i completely agree with your statement especially about the cars. it would help the environment and it would be cheaper for car builders. the main reason for it being better for the environment is because if you recycle you don't have to dig a mine and use lots of gas gosling machinery. all you would have to do is go to a car junk yard and take. it requires a lot less effort and will be a lot cheaper. this method is universal.
    you could do this with almost any product including phones, T.V.'s, and computers. it amazes me that most companies have not done this or even thought about it. i strongly believe recycling is going to be the future of industry.

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