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Discussions Discussion World War II
Steve Durgan, March 16, 2012

The invasion of Poland in September 1939 was the beginning of WWII. This clip contains footage of artillery and infantry attacks which resulted in the capture of Warsaw. It was shot by German troops and confiscated by the Allied Forces. It’s an unbelievably vivid documentary of the events.

Steve Durgan
Comments (1)
  • Tom Gary Tom Gary March 16, 2012
    What an incredible historical record!

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Discussions Discussion Berlin Wall
Bob Butterworth, Feb. 6, 2012

Reagan recognized that Gorbachev was not like previous Soviet dictators, and he adapted his strategy accordingly. But Gorbachev would not have engaged in perestroika and glasnost if not for Reagan’s brilliant combination of encouragement and pressure. Sure, that strategy would not have worked with Stalin, but Reagan knew he wasn’t dealing with Stalin.

Bob Butterworth

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Discussions Discussion Understanding Societies
Jenny Rothberg, Dec. 8, 2011

Is the Euro Crisis impacted by cultural diversity of its member states?

The European Union is an amazing attempt at merging many governments and economies that are not only seperated by religion, politics and social reforms, but also by cultural differences.

The problems facing the EU is as old as the problems with societies in the Middle East. The cultural differences, the way the people think and the way they deal with issues.


Above link goes to an article about cultural differences between France and Germany that create difficulty for President Sarkozy and Chancellor Merkel to agree on details of the Euro Crisis plan.

Jenny Rothberg

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Discussions Discussion Nukes post-Fukushima
Joseph Curtis, Dec. 4, 2011

Thousands of Protesters Obstruct Nuclear Waste Train Transport:

Protesters have stalled a train carrying radioactive waste from France to Germany. A string of clashes and obstructions has made the journey the slowest one since the annual shipments of radioactive waste began in 1995.

The controversial cargo is headed for the Gorleben temporary storage facility for nuclear waste in northern Germany. On Monday, the 11 containers are to be moved by crane to a special transporter which will carry them the final 20 kilometers (12 miles) by road.

Anti-nuclear protesters have already gathered to block the road to Gorleben, in the western German state of Lower Saxony. In total, some 20,000 German police have been mobilized.

Joseph Curtis

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Discussions Discussion Nukes post-Fukushima
Henry Hamilton, Nov. 12, 2011

Mysterious radiation levels detected across Europe, says UN nuclear agency. IAEA say Fukushima blast not to blame and downplay seriousness of new levels.


Unusual levels of radioactive iodine-131 have been detected throughout Europe - primarily in Czech Republic and Germany - but the particles are not believed to pose a public health risk, the U.N.nuclear agency said on Friday. NASA have released images of 2,400 stars, known as the Tarantula Nebula, that are producing intense radiation and powerful winds, believed to be the cause for the detection in the atmosphere. Here’s a related video

Henry Hamilton

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Discussions Discussion Occupy Wall Street” Protests
Jenny Knuthsen, Oct. 30, 2011

Beneath the gleaming skyscrapers that house some of Europe’s most powerful banking institutions, a committed core of protesters have huddled together in a small tent village to vocalize their opposition to what signs posted across their makeshift camp call the “dictatorship of the financial markets.”

Inspired by the demonstrations on Wall Street in New York, thousands of sympathizers have joined the Occupy Frankfurt movement and taken to the streets of Europe’s financial capital to protest growing social inequality in Germany and throughout the 17 member eurozone currency union. They managed to pump up their morale this Saturday night with some great music.

Jenny Knuthsen

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Discussions Discussion unselected
Kim Hsu, Sept. 20, 2011

A very important development: German giant Siemens plans to pull out of the nuclear energy business, CEO Peter Löscher told Spiegel. After the Fukushima nuclear disaster “the chapter is closed,” he said. The company will expand its renewable energy activities instead. This follow Berlin’s decision to completely phase out Germany’s nuclear industry by the year 2022. In my opinion, this will be important only if Germany refuses to buy nuclear based energy from neighbors such as France in the future.

Kim Hsu
Comments (2)
  • Nina Dumas Nina Dumas Sept. 20, 2011
    Germany seems to be the only country in the world that has taken a responsible decision regarding nuclear power. The decision taken by Siemens is a direct result of political leadership by Chancellor Merkel. What a brave woman!
  • Bert Breton Bert Breton Sept. 20, 2011
    Wow!!! I'm stunned!!! In America, the mere thought of General Electric (GE Energy) taking a similar stance is completely unfathomable. Siemens should be applauded. Even though their decision is directly related to the closure of their domestic nuclear industry, there is surely still profit to be made for them abroad. Clearly, the nuclear energy lobbiests in Germany don't carry the same influence as their counterparts in Washington DC.

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Discussions Discussion Dance - Contemporary, Modern & Urban
Amy Sutherland, Sept. 3, 2011

The Urban Dance Showcase, which happened this July in Eimeldingen, Germany, was…well…much more than i expected! Elite dancers from all over the world performed for a standing room only crowd. And the parties around the show were extraordinary…all night. Here’s an example of just one of many performances.

Amy Sutherland

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