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Discussions Discussion unselected
Madalina-Elena Melintioi, Feb. 21, 2014

Hello, I’m Madalina, I’m from Romania, I studied at the Technical College “Petru Poni”. I was surprised my carbon footprint because it was much larger I than expected .How do you think we could change our way of living and have a much healthier life?

Madalina-Elena Melintioi
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Discussions Discussion Carbon Footprint and Economic Crisis
Arya Ha, Feb. 10, 2014

Europe used to be a powerhouse during the 20th century. Every since the industrial revolution, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and other European countries used a lot of nonrenewable resources such as coal. Today, the rain is slightly acid. The European economic crisis affects the economy and makes people want to use more energy in order to bring the country back to power. People will want to go with nonrenewable because it is easy to obtain. Living with less money does mean less CO2. However the entire aspect is dependent on the personal interest on living conditions.

Arya Ha

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Discussions Discussion Carbon Footprint and Economic Crisis
Caroline M, Feb. 10, 2014

I just saw my carbon footprint, and I am from California. I was shocked by the amount of water I used. I think that I should take shorter showers and not use my hot tub as much. I think that I should not shower everyday because I don’t really need to and it is better for your hair anyways. We are in a drought so it is very important to conserve water so I am gonna start!

Caroline M

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Discussions Discussion Student footprints
Spencer Ellis, Oct. 24, 2013

Hello everybody! My name is Spencer E from Northern California. Recently in these past few weeks my biology class has been talking about CO2 emissions and the daily affects of Carbon in the world. It came to my attention that I use a lot of carbon and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. I didn’t ever think about it until it was brought up in my biology class. When we did the activities in class I thought I was right around the average person when it came to the subject of CO2 emissions and such. Then we took the challenge and wow, I was stunned to find out that I was 4131kg over the average person in my region.
The big factor in my large amount of CO2 emissions was what I did at home. I tend to leave things on after I’m done using them like the TV, video games, lights and so on. I realized how much I am wasting and have been trying to make sure every time I’m done with something that I turn it off. Because it could quite possibly save a lot of CO2 emissions. After this carbon footprint challenge I am now looking for ways to cut down on my usage and try to do the most ecological thing I can do. I had a great time!

Spencer Ellis
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  • Briana Slade Briana Slade Dec. 23, 2013
    I do the same little things as well, I forget to turn off lights and unplug my xbox which only causes my carbon footprint to be higher than what it really should be. Thats good that youre trying to better your carbon footprint

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Discussions Discussion Carbon Footprint and Economic Crisis
Garett Amber, Oct. 24, 2013

I recently took the carbon foot print challenege, I am from California,USA. I scored rather low for my countries average but i feel after looking at other less devolped or less wealthy countries have way lower CO2 release averages.It becomes apparent that unless they have just an absurd amount of people like say India or China, that money has a huge effect on that areas CO2 releases. I feel that european economic crisis both hurts and helps the envioronment in several diffferent aspects.
One aspect in a negative way is the fact that most people in poor areas are fueling their homes with non eco friendly fuels unlike say a wealthier family who may use solar panels which are far more expensive. Though not all effects of this crisis are bad withless money people often walk, bike or try to find cheaper ways of transportation which greatly reduces CO2 emissions. Another thing that poorer countries may do which greatly reduces the amount of CO2 is the way they eat cheaper foods with probably far less meat and other foods which are packaged in a non environmentally friendly way.Despite being an extreme hardship it is evident that poverty can be linked to less of an enviornmental impact because of the way or living closer to the land and relying on less unnatural expensive things.

Garett Amber

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Discussions Discussion Carbon Footprint
Benjamin Lewis, Oct. 21, 2013

Hello! I am a freshman high school student living in the US. My biology class recently took part in the carbon footprint calculations. I was surprised to see the difference of my footprint compared to the average. My CO2 emissions alone were more then the average total. This is making me seriously think about what I put into the air.

Another thing I thought was interesting was the caloric intake. I never thought the food I eat could have an effect on the environment as much as it did.

Benjamin Lewis

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Discussions Discussion Student footprints
Naina Asaravala, Oct. 20, 2013

My name is Naina and I am a freshman at Las Lomas High School. I recently calculated my carbon footprint for a school project and the results were higher than the average californian. I was expecting to get around average, but I was not surprised when I got the results. overall, I was higher than average, but in some sections, such as food and purchases, I was below average. On the other hand, the “home” and “transportation” sections were both more than double the average californian.

Before I took the quiz, I knew right away that my home section would be more than average. my house is pretty big, and while I was counting the number of light bulbs, I realized that we had way more than I thought. There were 68 incandescent and 48 fluorescent. my dad tried to change the number of incandescent bulbs we had, but in some rooms, we put in dimmers, and they don’t work on fluorescent bulbs. My showers are pretty long, too, which I have been trying very hard to change. Also, my family likes to keep our phones and computers in the charger over night, so that uses a lot of electricity. I am hoping to lessen the use of carbon in this area by taking shorter showers, turing the lights off as often as I can, and only keeping my phone and computer in the charger when they need to charge.

My transportation was more than average as well. Although my family likes to carpool as often as possible, we still drive places a lot. Not only do we drive a lot, we like to go on trips and vacations that require airplane flights as well. I the past year, i have gone on 2 round-trip flights (four flights over all). I went to DC ( and back ) and to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (and back ). both of those trips were very long flights, so they used a lot of gasoline. I am hoping to improve this section of my carbon footprint as well, by trying to use an alternative source of transportation when possible, such as biking. As for the plane trips, maybe we could go on vacations that aren’t as far away, or maybe take flights less often.

This quiz has made me more aware of how I live my daily life, and if I ever take this quiz again, I hope my carbon foot print has reduced by then.

Naina Asaravala

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Discussions Discussion Carbon Footprint Difference in the US than in…
Joshua B-USA, Oct. 18, 2013

Hi everyone ! I believe that the US has a way higher carbon footprint than a lot of other countries. I believe that it is because of all the flying we do and driving. We have one of the largest populations and I think that has a huge contribution to our large carbon footprint because everybody is driving and flying everywhere. Also the weather here is very different, its either really cold or really hot so a lot of people keep their air conditioners or heaters on constantly. I believe we should improve on our transportation.

Joshua B-USA
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  • Jada L-Us Jada L-Us Feb. 21, 2014
    Hi im jada, i agree with your statement but, i also think that another reason America's carbon footprint is so high is because, things in America are farther apart from each other. Its takes longer to get to other places rather than being able walk to the nearest location you want to go. I don't know if are country will ever be able to lower our carbon footprint sufficiently because of this.

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Discussions Discussion Carbon Footprint and Economic Crisis
Athina D-Greece, Oct. 11, 2013

Hello everyone!!!My name is Athina and I live in beautiful Greece. My school and I participate in this international research aiming at sharing our opinions with other students. My carbon footprint is 6747 kg , lower than the average footprint of Greeks. My carbon footprint is low for a number of reason
• I use my bike for small distances
• We don’t use the air-conditioner for heating or cooling because we have insulated from the north side of my home and have large openings on the south side. In summer we pull down the shutters
• We use compact fluorescent bulbs
• We have solar panels installed on the roof
• We have double glazing
• We grow organic vegetables and fruits
So, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint ….just follow my footprint.

Athina D-Greece
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  • Rebecca Weisel Rebecca Weisel Oct. 14, 2013
    Hi Athina! I live in the USA and my carbon footprint is a lot higher then yours, mine is 17632 kg. 4126 kg from transportation, 9303 kg from home energy, 3745 kg from food and 458 kg from purchases. My carbon footprint is a little less then average of the USA. I think the USA is a big problem for the environment because of people like me and people who are worst then me because we just use what we want and we don't realize what we are doing to the environment. But I think if the USA was more like Greece then the environment would become better because there are a lot of things Americans can cut back on that aren't necessary to survive.
  • Brendan D. Brendan D. Oct. 19, 2013
    Wow…This kinda scares me. I live in San Francisco, where the average footprint is 9727 kg on average per year. My average release levels per year turned out to be more than that—around 10835 kg per year. My transportation releases were lower than average at 1997 kg per year; my home emissions were well above average—3757 kg per year—at 4959 kg per year. My food-related emissions were above average at 3224 kg per year. Purchases was my smallest source of emissions—only 654 kg, which was well under average. I do use fluorescent bulbs in my house, but we use our air conditioning and heater quite often. However, we have begun to cut down on use of our in-house system and turned to just one smaller in-room unit in the kitchen because we could just open the windows or dress warm when in the back of the house. This has lowered our use of electricity. Looking at what seem to be your life habits, I feel inspired to strive to live like that—I'm not sure about the garden, though because we don't have room, but biking seems to be an appealing alternative to driving everywhere. You have my congratulations! Keep working hard to preserve both the Earth and the life on it.
  • Athina D-Greece Athina D-Greece Oct. 20, 2013
    First of all thank you for your congratulations!!!As reference my carbon footprint is lower because i live in a village so the transportation is smaller than yours.

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Discussions Discussion Carbon Footprint and Economic Crisis
olga d, Oct. 11, 2013

Hi, I am Olga and I come from Greece. Here are some easy tips everyone can follow to reduce their carbon footprint and help the environment.
1) Turn off the water tap when you wash your teeth or have a shower.
2) Wash clothes in cold water
3) Eat more locally produced, organic food
4) Turn off the lights , pc and dvd’s when not using
5) Use double glazing
6) Use less air-conditioning

olga d
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  • vince vince vince vince Oct. 14, 2013
    That is also a lot little things we can do to decrease our carbon footprint.
    For at home,we should spend less time in showering and I will try not to use computer and watch TV at the same time.When we are not using our computer,we should unplug the plug from the electrical outlet to save energy.Turn off the light when we do not really need it.

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