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Discussions Discussion Building The “Perfect” Business Model
Jessie Rhodes, Jan. 25, 2012

The new (green) economy, according to Jeremy Rifkin:

How’s this for a disruptive model. Economist Jeremy Rifkin says in the future power will be green, cheap and distributed peer-to-peer. Imagine the internet, only for energy.

Here’s Rifkin’s vision: The Facebook generation seizes the initiative, tearing up conventional thinking about where energy comes from and how it’s delivered. They apply all their nous in sharing information and building seamless networks to create a new, resilient energy economy in its place, powered entirely by renewables – solar, wind, water and tidal, biomass and more besides. This will be nothing short of a new industrial revolution, says Rifkin, and its impacts will be as dramatic and sweeping as any that have gone before.


Great economic revolutions happen”, he says, “when new energy regimes emerge that facilitate more complex civilisations and more energy flow. In turn, they require communication revolutions to manage them. And when communication and energy revolutions come together, historically, they change the economic footprint.”

Jeremy Rifkin, maverick economist and adviser to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and a clutch of EU leaders.

Jessie Rhodes
Comments (2)
  • Bedford Wells Bedford Wells Jan. 25, 2012
    The impact of what Jeremy Rifkin is discussing here is mind boggling, to me. Why haven't I ever heard of this guy? And shouldn't his video on youtube have more than a mere 6400 views? Thanks for posting this!
  • fluffyhead123 scott fluffyhead123 scott May 22, 2013
    i cosign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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