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Discussions Discussion Autism and Early Intervention
Cylvia Cho, Jan. 4, 2012

Great posts on apps for autism.

Here’s one from “tech teacher” that caught my eye:


Just thought I’d drop in and let you know that I’ve been working with and training teachers in ipad technology for the past year. Both for ASD children (my own included) , other kids with intellectual disabilities and mainstream kids.

The beauty of the this technology is not so much “which app” but the engagement it can bring to all … the creative uses are virtually limitless. It is this aspect that I try to get across is that it is your insight in to your own child that will bring the maximum benefit. From exploring music , art , reading , augmentative communications , puppetry, special interests ….

One other simple thing … the ipad is an expensive piece of technology so do not just purchase for a child to use exclusively. Share in the family … I use it , both my children use it at differing times and now my wife uses it. (To play music and relax.)

Even at school … if your child does bring it or it is part of their individual education plan … share it. One way to open up cross talk amongst peers and open up new relationships … whilst your child is not using iot why let such an elegant piece of technology rust away , so to speak.

Just for fun … my top app for high functioning ASD ( which may be myself - undiagnosed) are the comics. They come up beautifully on the 10 inch screen. Accessing relevant literacy muy favourite for the older kids.”

Cylvia Cho

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Discussions Discussion ISCFC Teacher Planning - April 2011
Nathalie Tisthoud, April 1, 2011

I am Nathalie from Belgium. I introduced the project to my pupils. In what way are we going to make them discuss? Should they all have an access to the website? I would also like to have more instructions. We have one more week before Spring break and then have two weeks off. We will focus on the project in the coming days. Hope to read you soon and looking forward to cooperating!

Nathalie Tisthoud
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Discussions Discussion Autism and Early Intervention
Cylvia Cho, March 25, 2011

Interesting article on the hype re autism and ipads. I’m definitely on the fence about this… I’d have to try using the ipads with my students to decide, I guess.


iPads Are Not a Miracle for Children With Autism
By Daniel Donahoo

The iPad has received evangelical coverage in the media and blogosphere, especially when it comes to autism. Parents have flocked to the device and governments and other organizations that support children with a disability have been hit hard with requests for funding and to support the purchase of the device. Some philanthropic organizations, like golfer Adam Scott’s Foundation, have been providing iPads to families loaded with a suite of apps recommended for children with autism.

Of course, this has had the unintended impact of being quite a difficult experience for families of children with autism who can’t afford the device. The feeling that there may be something out there that can support their child’s development, but that they can’t access, is a terrible situation for a parent to be in. The reportage of the experience of children with autism who use the device doesn’t reflect on how parents and professionals support and engage with children to use the device. They promote it as though every child with autism is a savant who has been waiting for this perfect tool. While a few of the stories may be accurate, they generally do not show the whole picture of how an iPad supports child development.

Cylvia Cho

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