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Discussions Discussion Introduction to Visual Thinking
Phong Ma, Dec. 23, 2011

Newest New Player in Digital Music, Rara.com, Is Thinking Visually

A new streaming service, Rara.com, was introduced in the United States and 15 countries in Europe, and its design is based on the premise that Spotify, Rhapsody and other competitors have bland interfaces that turn off potential customers.


No blank search box or long lists of songs for Rara. Instead, they’re going for colorful buttons representing moods like “Sunday morning” or “feel like crying.” Those buttons correspond to playlists programmed by the company.

Phong Ma
Comments (3)
  • srini n srini n Dec. 23, 2011
    Have you tried Musicovery?


    It uses some sort of visual guide and avoids the 'excel sheet' look too!
  • Phong Ma Phong Ma Dec. 24, 2011
    Just tried it. Very nice visual user interface. Like it a lot. Thx!
  • srini n srini n Dec. 24, 2011
    YW, Phong Ma :)

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Discussions Discussion Steve Jobs 1955-2011
Henry Hamilton, Nov. 2, 2011

Pete Townshend [legendary giutarist for The Who] calls Apple [not Steve Jobs] a “digital vampire”: Townshend questioned why Apple was not providing the services traditionally offered by record labels, such as employing talent scouts and nurturing new musical artists.


Henry Hamilton

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