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Discussions Discussion Dialects of the World
Jenny Rothberg, Sept. 7, 2011

This one’s great! …Air Berlin is considering asking its flight attendants to make some announcements in regional German dialects after a YouTube video of one of its attendants speaking Swabian became a web sensation. Instead of standard High German, flight attendant Michaela Bahnmüller, decided several weeks ago to speak in dialect after her plane landed in Baden-Wurttemberg’s capital of Stuttgart, where Swabian is proudly spoken. The industrious southwestern state’s motto is even: “We can do everything - except speak High German.” If you understand Swabian, here’s the Youtube clip. Can you believe someone recorded it?! A million views too!

Jenny Rothberg
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  • Bert Breton Bert Breton Sept. 8, 2011
    Even multi-national corporations forget about the importance of using local dialects in their regional marketing campaigns. Imagine how much more brand trust and loyalty a company could generate by implementing the use of regional diaclects in their advertisnig communications across the EU or Asia, for instance. This would take the old business adage of, “Think globally, but act locally,” to a higher, more impactful, level. “Bravo!” to Michaela Bahnmüller, the Air Berlin flight attendant who, in my opinion, has provided an important lesson to marketing executives around the world.

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