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Discussions Discussion Science - Neurology
Camilla Pashar, April 13, 2012

Understanding the denying brain:

the climate denial community, which includes fossil fuel companies, most Republican politicians and nearly all conservative corporate media outlets, make up their own facts. They can decide that global warming isn’t real or isn’t human-caused or isn’t a big deal and that climate scientists are liars and cheats. They can decide anything they want and report it as fact. And their naive, uninformed and trusting public will believe it.

Interesting read here http://blogs.redding.com/dcraig/archives/2012/04/understanding-t.html

But does anyone satirize the issue as humorously as Bill Maher?

Camilla Pashar
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  • Ayanna George Ayanna George March 4, 2013
    I completely agree with your observation of how climate change is handled in this country. Since our country is mainly influenced by conservative Republicans with major denial issues regarding climate change, it is up to us as indiviuals to conciously make an effort to be mindful of our energy consumption. I feel that our government has taken it upon them to decide for the whole country that we as humans aren't a cause of climate change, but we all know this is false.

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