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Discussions Discussion Jazz + Culture
Bert Breton, Nov. 26, 2011

Henri Matisse’s large format illustrated book titled “Jazz” (1947) was “performed” primarily in 1944 under arduous circumstances during the German occupation of France. Because illness made easel painting difficult, Matisse cut images out of paper and arranged them as collages from which his assistant prepared stencils and then made prints. The twenty images in Jazz are non-musical subjects drawn from everyday life - e.g., The Clown, The Swimmer in the pool. The abstract forms are made accessible by the titles. I find that their freshness and boldness inspire even today.

Here are some collages from the Jazz series by Henri Matisse, plus various paintings, exhibited at the Centre Pompidou.

Bert Breton
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  • Jean Richard Jean Richard Nov. 29, 2011
    Amazing stuff! Fascinating that Matisse was influenced by Jazzs. Vive la France!

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Discussions Discussion Pop Art
Bert Breton, March 5, 2011

Richard Hamilton: Father of Pop Art:

The father of Pop Art, Richard Hamilton (born February 24, 1922) is a painter and collage artist from London. In 1963, Richard Hamilton traveled to New York. There, he began the exploration of using photography in mixed-media paintings. This lead to the study of digital media in his artwork. During the 1980’s, he is viewed as the inventor of conceptual art. “If Richard Hamilton were American, he’d be far more famous than he is. Anybody who can be credited with founding both pop art in the 1950s and conceptual art in the 1980s deserves more than a footnote in the art history books.

Bert Breton

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